Soul Lounge

A Space for Self-Care



Often we find ourselves thinking of ways to support others but we can only give what we have. We need to ensure we are doing well ourselves.

The Soul Lounge is a safe space to calm, connect with ourselves and – at a deeply human level – check on how we are doing mentally, emotionally and physically.

You are provided the time and space to go into undisturbed introspection, express and share how you are and what moves you with like-hearted people.



We will start with a grounding exercise that calms and relaxes our system, allowing us to be fully present together. Afterwards, we always focus on a question that allows us explore ourselves. The listeners play an important role in this process of self-reflection as they act as a body of resonance holding the space for one person at a time, which can strengthen their internal processes and bring things to the surface that they can’t necessarily access on their own.

What you will get out of it is to sort and integrate your own thoughts and emotions and get a sense of clarity and calm as you go forward.



Tuesdays from 20.30-21.30 CET via Zoom


Anyone and everyone who feels drawn to it!

Clients’ voices

The Soul Lounge is a really creative idea. I’m enjoying this session once a week with people from all over the world. It gives me the opportunity to connect with other people, to reflect on a certain vital question and to share with others or simply to receive their feedback or to give feedback. Kathrin is providing a safe space for us to open up.

Sabine Keuschen

HR Director Support Function & HR International (a.D.), Airbus Defence & Space, Germany