The only way out is through


As your coach, I understand my role to be a facilitator of your learning and growth. My passion is helping you to unlock your INNER potential, so you can achieve what you are longing for. I believe that you already have the solutions to your challenges but might need my support in finding them.

How do I work?

My approach is guided by respect and experimentation, making you more aware of your situation from a range of perspectives. You will be given the space to make conscious decisions that take all concerns into account and stretch you beyond your limits.

There’s no such thing as growth without ‘uncomfortzoning’ so it’s my role to help you expand your comfort zone in an enjoyable way – “the only way out is through!” To that end, I work with a diverse range of techniques including value-based coaching, voice dialogue and embodiment exercises. My aim is to retrieve and effectively integrate the wisdom of your entire system, helping you to anchor your insights for the future.

I offer face-to-face coaching or Zoom sessions.

For Whom

  • C-Level
  • Middle Management
  • First time leaders
  • Team Coaching

Examples of Coaching Themes

  • Navigating concrete business challenges
  • Transition/stepping into a different leadership role
  • exploring own purpose
  • stepping out of unhelpful behavioral patterns
  • leveraging resilience
  • leveraging own impact

Clients’ voices

When I first became a team leader, Kathrin guided me as a business coach through my individual process to define my own leadership principles and values ​​as well as my individual business vision. Her very professional and at the same time very empathic way of working made this process possible in a very powerful way. She works very needs and resource oriented. What I appreciated most is the variety of methods that Kathrin used. Everything was there, from going into silence and my inner space, to walks in nature, to team workshops.

Sonja Voggenreiter

Senior Brand Manager Fisherman´s Friend, CFP Brands Süßwarenhandels GmbH & Co. KG, Germany