Resilience Lab – we can’t change what we don’t notice

Most of us probably need to learn how to be resilient and need to make a conscious effort to remain resilient. It’s about being our best selves in conflict and handling stress well. And it’s about keeping our body, thoughts, emotions and soul healthy and in balance – listening to them can enable us to navigate through the havoc that life sometimes brings.

In the format of a one-day face-to-face workshop, the Resilience Lab enables you to find out what ingredients resilience consists of and to be clear about where each individual can begin to improve their own resilience. On the other hand, it gives the entire team the opportunity to share their insights, deepen their connection and explore together how they can strengthen their resilience as a team.

It becomes introspective as well as interactive, and leads to very tangible results.

The resilience lab can be carried out as single workshop or integrated into a seminar. Prerequisites for participation are openness to new impulses and joy to discover yourself.


You want to run the Resilience Lap in your company?