SHEtreat September 23-26, 2021

1.200,00  excl. VAT



Terms and Conditions

    1. Please register online.
    2. After your online registration and before the payment process you will be contacted by Yip or Kathrin for an initial conversation to get to know each other, clarify expectations and answer any questions.
    3. After the confirmation of your participation, you will be sent an email with the request to complete the online payment process.
    4. All cancellations should be confirmed by email to For cancellations we reserve the possibility to withhold parts of the payment to cover costs accruing according to the cancellation conditions of the Berghaus Spitzingsee, which are as follows:
      1. free of charge up to 12 weeks before arrival
      2. from 12 weeks on 50 %
      3. from 6 weeks on 60 %
      4. from 4 weeks on 80 %
      5. from 2 weeks on 100 %
    5. If the SHEtreat needs to be canceled due to higher forces (such as Corona lock-down), no costs will be incurred and payments already made will be refunded.
    6. In the case of serious illness, please indicate this in the registration form. Participants in the retreats are fully responsible for their health and attest having an appropriate insurance.
    7. Our Terms of Service apply.