Mindfulness Lounge

Being in the Here and Now



Paying attention to our feelings, thoughts and emotions without judgement in the here and now is a fundamental part of staying healthy and balanced. We can call it ‘mindfulness.’ Mindfulness is a simple and very powerful way of focusing our attention. It allows the mind to rest in the moment and break from constant thoughts of the future, ruminations on the past or judgments in the present. Using mindfulness, we can become aware of certain aspects of our experience that are typically hidden to us.

The Mindfulness Lounge is a space to explore moment-to-moment experiences with a new sense of curiosity. It’s about realizing that there’s much more to discover than we normally perceive. Even the smallest of discoveries can give us a huge insight into ourselves and who we are.



We will start with a grounding exercise that calms and relaxes our system, allowing us to be fully present together. Then we move to something more experimental in which we explore ourselves through the lens of mindfulness. The exchange of insights and learning between one another at the end of the session rounds off the experience.


Every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 07.00-08.00 CET via Zoom


Anyone and everyone who feels drawn to it!