BodyTalk Lounge

Cracking Patterns in our Behaviour



The way we move through life, interact with the world and behave inside it is all manifested in our bodies; our posture and in the way we move – the body doesn’t lie. The body helps us to recognise our own characteristic behavioural patterns, though it can equally be used to experience and experiment with alternatives to these norms.

The BodyTalk Lounge is a space in which we explore our standard behavioural patterns in different life situations and, with a little fun, experience how we can do things differently. It’s about the realisation and embodiment of alternative ways of acting.


We will do a 30-minute embodied Yoga flow through which we will explore exactly that – the behavioural patterns that characterise us and potential alternatives. We will then anchor our findings through a guided dialogue with each other. The exchange of insights and possibility to learn from one another round off the experience.


Every 1st Tuesday of the month, from 07.00-08.00 CET via Zoom


Anyone and everyone who feels drawn to it!